Introduction Research Project

Posted on 01/03/2012

Hello world. There, I said it.

This is the first post on my blog, documenting the progress of my Research Project. It´s titles How to Evoke Playfulness in Public Space.

I work with playfulness. Rulesets are the game, playfulness the name.
Play is inside everyone of us. It comes by nature to children and it is the way we have learned much of what we today take for granted. It’s impulsive, it’s energetic and loaded with vigour. Why have we stopped being playful? How can we reach back down inside and unleash the inner playfulness. Have we been conditioned by our parents? By our sociological environment?

In this research project I want to reverse engineer our conditioned behaviour in public space. By introducing interventions into public spaces like streets, shopping malls and bus stops I want to invite people to engage in ludic activities.